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Below is a list of informative videos on common dental procedures and the reasoning behind them. You can also find videos on home dental care.  Most videos are available in English, French and Spanish (you can change the language once a video has started).

-Tooth extraction.
-Wisdom teeth.
-Care after tooth extraction.


-Composite(white) fillings.
-Amalgam(silver) fillings.
-Dental filling materials.

-In office teeth whitening.
-Home teeth whitening.
     Root Canals

-Root canal.
-Alternatives to root canal.
      Exam, Cleaning & Preventive

-New patient exam.
-Child first dental visit.
-In office dental cleaning.
-Deep cleaning.

-Immediate denture.
-Partial denture.
-Implant for denture.
-Temporary partial denture.


-Night guard.
-Sport guard.

-Young children teeth care.
-Brushing and Flossing.
-Bad breath.
-Care after tooth extraction.

                  Crown and Bridge

-Crown (metalmetal-porcelainporcelain).
-Crown material comparison.
-Implant for crown and bridge.

Basic Dental Procedures

Other Dental Procedures

    At Home Dental Care

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